Social Media Couch/Instructor


WHO THE HECK AM I? Hey there! I’m Liz of I’m a social media strategist for real estate agents and solopreneurs who are ready to take their social media into their own hands to find leads, create a buzz around their business and make a great impression while doing it.

AND HOW DO I KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HASHTAGS OR REACHING PEOPLE? I started working as a social media specialist around 2009. My first (and ongoing) gig was handling social media for our local county Office of Emergency Services. I learned a lot about using hashtags to find people, monitor them and use hashtags to guide them. All important stuff during a natural disaster or any other countywide emergencies. When I started handling social media for small businesses, I used this expertise on my clients’ accounts in a variety of ways.

I have some clients that never want to know how I do what I do. I have other clients that, frankly, can’t afford to pay someone like me forever. They want to figure out how to do it themselves. I get it. I used to be a real estate broker and marketing got expensive quickly. I learned to do a lot of it on my own. And that’s what I want to teach you. How to get it done on your own, saving time and saving money.

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